Monday, February 22, 2010

first winter ride

Wimp. I admit it. That's me. I've never ridden in the "winter" before, despite the fact that I live in the mildest climate in Canada. My stumbling block is the copius rain, the by-product of that mildest climate, because I (a) have no interest in wearing that fugly rain gear meant for cycling, (b) store my bicycle inside my carpeted apartment, which equals MESS, and (c) do not have the right bicycle, skill, or urban environment for riding with an umbrella (e.g. as in somewhere like Copenhagen). That and the dark.

Luckily, we've had almost a week now of clear, dry, sunny weather (Olympics-participants are very, very happy) so on Saturday I rode. With boots and mitts. Brilliant! Love it! Must do more! Rain, rain, please stay away, come again another ... month.