Sunday, March 28, 2010

rant: an ugly standard

I know that it's branding\advertising\marketing\blah\blah but I can't stand the fact that 99% of bicycle manufacturers emblazen their name in the most horrid fonts across the centre of the frame of their bicycles. ROTTEN FONTS. It can ruin a perfectly lovely design. Have we learned nothing from modern typography? There are so many possibilities! Ugh.

Sure, I love to be able to check out a bike and quickly see who made it. But can't we get some artistry involved here? And isn't that what headbadges are for, too? And finally, is it just me?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

night rider

I'd forgotten what a thrill it is to ride at night. Saturday, 8:45pm-ish, Pender Street-- so it's the "business district" area of downtown and weekends are its off-time. With wide open streets and not too many parked OR moving cars to deal with, I made it home in no time flat.

It was like flying.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

first spring ride

In honour of it being the spring equinox right about ... um ... NOW, I'm going to record my first spring ride.

Okay, okay. It was actually yesterday. which was techincally still winter. But it was Friday and gorgeously sunny and since we'd already moved the clocks forward last weekend I was able to ride my bike to work. Headed home, and then ... kept going. All the way around Stanley Park. So little traffic on the cycle path (except one poor pedestrian who was walking on it just after a blind corner; I think I scared him even though I ride fairly slow).

Then, on the way to the video store, I found out that they'd extended the bike lane from the park up along a side street as far as the next north-south bike route, Cardero. Hooray for connectors!