Friday, August 27, 2010

it has arrived

Here's a discovery that I am oh-so-very-happy to share...

There's now a Vancouver Cycle Chic blog!

Here's a vibrant example of their content:

Ever since I started following Copenhagen Cycle Chic over a year ago, I've been scouring the internet for like-minded Vancouver cycling blogs or communities that make chic-ness a priority. Found: not much at all.

Being neither exceptionally chic myself nor good with action photography of strangers, I didn't feel qualified to try and start one up myself. Besides, I'm more of the 'quirky personal blog with random photos and stories and opinions and junk' kind of girl. So I waited.

--and waited.

--and apparently wasn't looking in the right place, because Vancouver Cycle Chic started up in July and I didn't find out until now. There are already more stylish shots in 2 months there than I've taken in a year. (Higher quality, too. I think I'll start experimenting with close-ups instead.)

It's a mix of candid shots of strangers riding past unknowingly, mini-interviews of cycling citizens acquiesing to have their photo taken, and miscellaneous other bits of chic bike goodness. With its goal of "Spotlighting Vancouver, Canada's unique, fashionable, sensible, and graceful cyclists and the ground they share with all of us", I think this blog is a fantastic exhibit to raise the profile of the humble bicycle by focusing on possibility: real examples of real Vancouverites, riding what they ride, wearing what they wear.

Go see.

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