Saturday, October 10, 2009

step thru

My parents are in the market for bikes and my dad was recently lamenting how the step-through models are almost always referred to as "Women's" bikes. I agree with him. There's nothing inately "womanly" about a step-through-style bicycle: it's the colour, shape, and decals that would bring out a preference by men or women. Sure, it's easier to ride in a skirt on one -- a frustration I currently have with my "non-women's" (?) bicycle -- but that's merely one reason, not all of them.

Trek and Giant are examples.

Norco is a bit confused: they have both "W" and "ST" models. I can't tell the difference. (In fact, of the 2 models I just linked to, the ST could possibly be considered more feminine due to the colour.)

But then I found a beacon of hope: Gary Fisher. Simple City Step-thru!

A minor victory. Luckily, my dad isn't the kind of guy who'll let the name of a product influence whether he buys it. Function rules.

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