Sunday, January 30, 2011

archive adventures, part 2

It's back to the archive again today, with another old shot that my mother sent me when I mentioned I was looking for photos of myself and the bicycles my family had when I was young.

This isn't me, actually; it's my little sister (on the left) and an anonymous wee friend. (She may be 27 now but she'll still always be my "little" sister.)

This trike was... how do you sum it up in one word? Awesome. It was our introduction to bicycling, but it certainly didn't get left behind when we moved on to two-wheelers. I remember our forays into "cargo cycling" like the photo above (and that wagon deserves a place of honour itself!) and into doubling (a second kid would stand on the back). A bell, those jangly spoke-beads, and oh-- that colour!

Tricycles so have a place in my heart. If I ever have a need for a cargo cycle, I think a cargo trike (2-wheels-front OR 2-wheels-back) may just be considered.


  1. Lovely shot and memories here Mandy - thanks for sharing it.

  2. I like the reflective tape on the trike and the colourful spoke decorations!