Sunday, May 8, 2011

spring weekend(s)

I haven't had either of my bicycles out since Thursday.


On Friday I bussed it, because I met up with Melanie after work for dinner at Nuba and a showing of Bill Cunningham New York. In some situations, walking+transit is the most appropriate mode of transportation.

On Saturday, it poured! And I mean poured. The kind of rain that is more common in other places but not here in drizzle-land. It was fantastic to be sitting at the window of a coffee shop when the sky let go, watching everyone on the street run for cover and the gutters fill up like mini rivers. I hadn't been wearing my gumboots so got a bit soggy on the way home, but-- meh. It's not January, so I don't really mind. I don't melt.

On Sunday (today), I went clothes shopping, which I do rarely because I usually find it such a chore. (I do enjoy fashion and the preparation of an outfit, but for some reason dislike the process of filling my closet in the first place.) Instead of riding, I -- again -- walked+bussed. In the circumstances, it just make sense.

So those pictures above?

Yeah, they're from last weekend.

It seems I'm getting lazy.


  1. I like that grey top, Mandy! It really suits you!

  2. Thanks, Jen. It's pretty comfy and versatile too.