Saturday, April 17, 2010

3 little rules to grease the system

What do you do when you wake up on a Saturday morning, all ready for an April weekend of bicycle riding, and find that it's steadily raining? Sigh, then tuck in with a cup of coffee to catch up on writing blog posts. Perhaps it will dry up later.

Last Saturday, despite a busy weekend at Lindy Bout, I did get a ride around Stanley Park, albeit early afternoon, which is not my preferred timeslot on a sunny day. Why? I like to say... "The hordes are out." The seawall, and Stanley Park in particular, are a magnet for tourists on rented bikes and roller blades. This in itself is not a problem; I personally recommend to visitors I know that they rent a bike and go for a ride here. The problem here is that these folks probably don't ride too often so aren't used to the conventions that make riding in crowds a not-too-unpleasant experience. It seems to boil down to 3 main things. They seem common sense to me, but apparently not to all. Could the rental services do a better job of reminding their customers of these easy guidelines that would keep us all (including pedestrians) happier?

1. Keep right except to pass.

2. Don't stop on the path.

3. If the sign says "dismount" and it's a busy day, dismount.


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