Monday, April 26, 2010

rain, rain, go away

I just rode home in the pouring rain. As pouring as it gets here. The 15-minute length of the ride and the fact that I was going home from work, not from home to work, made it not much of an issue. Dry upper half (wool coat) and soaked bottom half (but I change into jeans when I get home anyway). The worst was the visibility.

No, I take that back, because that's what this post is about. The worst part is getting into the parking garage and thinking: what am I going to do with my bike?

Usually I store it in my apartment, which is an ... inconvenience ... at the best of times. On rainy days, it's a load of work, a mess, and a frustrating end to the work day that I just don't need.

I've been toying, for a while, of investigating what improvements could be made to the bicycle storage in my building and putting together a proposal of sorts for the management. See what they're open to. You're guaranteed to fail if you don't even try, right? Frustrating days like this are what give me reason to try.

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