Wednesday, May 19, 2010

not ready for a new bike

Aaaaand ... I give up.

There is no new bike for me in the near future. The decision process, the available feature sets, the available colours (ugh, the colours), my seemingly constantly changing wants, and the limitations that I'm currently placed under with regards to storing bikes have all conspired to halt this process. There's nothing wrong with my current bike, you see. It's just a tad inconvenient and not very charming. I've only had it one year and I'm the kind of person who has trouble trading in things quite so "quickly". (You should see my closet.)

So the ugly bike is getting new handlebars (something more swept-back) and perhaps a new seat (shall I splurge on a Brooks?) and grips. Stickers? A wicker basket? How does one personalise your typical city hybrid into something with at least a few drops of class?

Either the 'right' bike will make itself known at a later date, or I'll try again in another few months.

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