Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a picture is worth...

This blog has been basically photo-less so far, much to my shame because I love photography as a hobby and also love reading other blogs that prominently feature photos as part of their content. To be honest, I'm a a shy person. Taking photos of anything other than the most public (i.e. scenery) or generic (i.e. unowned, inanimate) subjects is a bit daunting. Nevertheless, I'm not one to shy (ha!) away from a challenge to tackle my own limitations, so I've been working on pushing my comfort zone and aiming that camera here, there, and everywhere: my shoes (help, I feel silly!), stranger's bikes (help, I feel awkward!), and other people (help, I feel like a stalker!). Luckily, my brain has (mostly) prevailed over my inner wimp and now I'm starting to have something to show for it.

I shoot with a Canon G10, the most manual model of their compact cameras before you hit the SLRs. Because it's better with wide-angle than telephoto, it's taking me a while to work out how to photograph moving objects without sticking the camera right in their faces. (Paparazzi!) This is one of my best so far.

Bikes themselves are the easiest for me to snap. Besides this one being a "Pugh" (not one I've heard of before, possibly a British brand), it looks so simple and practical. Step-through, upright, chain guard, and no slouch of a rear basket.

These are my favourite shoes to cycle in.

Okay, I confess ... they're actually my favourite shoes altogether and I'm wearing them into the ground. That's what makes me love this discovery of the 'cycle chic' movement so much: I can go twice as far wearing these shoes on my bike than I can walking in them. Stylish and practical. Does it get any better than that?

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