Saturday, August 28, 2010


Don't we all need more dinosaurs in our lives?

dinosaur horn

I'm curious about what these sound like, considering how reliably recognizable a bell is to pedestrians. Are these more like a horn of sorts or like a child's squeaky toy?


  1. Hi Mandy, I love this bell - I know what you mean when you wonder about its effectiveness, but its a great colour and seems to go well with the handlebars, and at a certain level, isn't that all that matters??! I figure one can have 2 bells on a bike, one for grabbing a pedestrians attention, and one for fun too! I also live in Vancouver and take candid shots of bells (and bikes!) when I see one I like. Take Care and Happy Snapping!! PaddyAnne

  2. Hi PaddyAnne. It does seem plausible that if a bell is fun to ring/squeeze, we'll be more likely to enjoy ringing/squeezing it! Sounds good to me: the more bells, the merrier.