Tuesday, August 24, 2010

parlour bikes

Considering my frequency of certain postings on this blog, it wouldn't be a secret that I'm a fan of bicycles in music videos. Somehow, singing and riding just go hand in hand. (Or would that be ... foot in mouth?) In my world, breaking out into random song and dance is an entirely expected part of life.


(No, really-- it is. I spent my high school years hanging with a musical theatre crowd and university years with a dancing one. It's what we did.)

So here's a music video that hits more than one note (ha!) with me: from the local Vancouver band Parlour Steps (a favourite of mine) comes a home-made cycle-ful music video that satisfies a challenge for their participation in the Peak Performance Project.

And to make this chord complete, The Peak radio station itself (uh, themselves?) is onboard with cycling and the 'slow bike' way of travel: see their Peak Summer Cycle Crew.

Go Parlour Steps!
Go Peak!
So go peek at this video!

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