Tuesday, November 16, 2010

after the storm

The first droplets of rain hit my head as I maneuvered my bicycle through the glass front door of my apartment building yesterday evening. Minutes later, it began to howl, and the storm raged until midnight. Cozy and warm at home.

Today dawned clear and cold with a bit of remaining bluster. It was a wool coat day!

This photo was not taken in a park or a garden or on the road. It's the pedestrian pathways of Granville street. On a bench at lunch. Where did the sidewalk disappear to!?

The be-stocking'd legs are because I don't currently own a pair of work-appropriate boots. I've got a pair of legwarmers on the needles, but they're nowhere near completion. However, the activity of pedaling appears to make this somewhat irrelevant at the current temperature levels. I've started to be able to feel (or at least notice) the blood pumping and warming me from the inside, without sweating. It's a pleasant experience, especially for someone like me who spends most winters permanently chilled from the dampness in the air. Self-heating: this is a phenomenon I like very much. One more point in favour of fall cycling.

Oh, and I lost a shoe on the way home while taking off at a four-way stop. This required turning around and going back for it. Note to self: if you have a habit of walking right out of a particular pair of shoes, probability is high that you may also pedal yourself out of it. Doh.

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  1. Hi
    Losing my shoes is not something I have experienced. I ride with 'clipless pedals' on all my bikes so if my foot did come out of the shoe the shoe would still be attached to the pedals. I have managed to fall off in the early days when I forgot to 'un-clip'.