Monday, November 22, 2010

first freeze

Today I rode in sub-zero conditions for the first time.

To the rest of Canada: stop laughing!

That photo was taken on Saturday in Victoria, where I spent the weekend not riding but carpooling with family. The bicycles were not rare there, with citizen cyclists still casually rolling about the city. Their existence encouraged me, for sure.

I wasn't alone today, as the racks at my building showed a respectable number of bikes (given that this is considered a somewhat intense temperature for residents of this climate) when I passed at lunch.

I opted for slightly more stable wedge loafers instead of my usual heels. With two pairs of socks, foot warmth wasn't an issue.

So what did I (re-)learn? Actually, little that I wouldn't have to change anyway if I was walking to work tomorrow or waiting for the bus.

1. I'll wear a neckwarmer that I can pull up higher around my chin.

2. Thinsulate gloves are not enough (despite the power of purple for making you feel warm and fuzzy inside, of course). It's time for... woolen mittens!


  1. It's always my feet that get cold in the winter months. No matter what I wear- two pairs of socks-overshoes etc.
    As the purpletraveller, perhaps I should try purple socks and use the power of purple to keep warm.....!!

  2. It's quite nice here with our +13C temperature and the now sunny skies!

    Quite unusual for southern Ontario to be as warm as it is this time of year.
    We are in for a drastic drop in temperature over night mind you (about 3C). Over the next 7 days temperatures will be hovering around +5C here with rain.

    I'm surprised that those in western BC have seen snow before us here.

    When did BC and Ontario swap climates?

  3. Feet really are one of the more challenging things to keep warm-- I haven't seemed to have a problem cycling (short commute) but always do with other winter sports like skiing.

    I'm happy to have traded with Ontario for a while as I've always wanted to live somewhere colder in the winter but couldn't bear to live away from the coast. Weather is so very unpredictable!