Tuesday, December 21, 2010

personal transportation strategy

So ... did I mention that this blog isn't just about cycling anymore?



This blog isn't just about cycling anymore.

The facts are these: I'm new to cycling. (In an inspired, addicted, this-has-changed-my-life-and-I-think-I'm-in-love kind of way.) Almost two years now. So it feels a bit funny -- not to mention limiting -- to be writing about something that I feel so non-expert about. ("Poser." "She's faking it!" "Take away her keyboard!") I know that plenty of blogs, especially many of my favourite cycling blogs written by women, are by recent "converts" such as myself. I also know that this blog is not at all about being an expert and all about telling my stories and ideas and wonderings.

However, what I am an expert on, you could say (in an experiental way... experience > expert?) is in living without owning a car.

I have never owned a car.

I do have a drivers license, shared vehicles with other people, been a road-trip driver, a designated driver, a mini-van driver, and now am a member of the Cooperative Auto Network.

In my high school and university years, living without a car was easy. It's what students do.

When that was over, I entered a new phase of my life and had to learn what it meant to be an adult without a car. Would it seem childish? What if I needed to X, Y, or Z? Would I end up using taxis a lot? Would I ever get tired of the bus and walking? What would people think of me? If I could afford it, why shouldn't I get a car, just for convenience? How about a motorcycle or a scooter? (I've always adored motorcycles, but -- alas -- have never learned to ride. The reason why is a story for another day.)

So here I am: in my late twenties, a young professional, making deliberate choices about where I live and work and spend my time and money and most of all how I move myself between all those things in a way that aligns with my values and my desired lifestyle. I call it my "personal transportation strategy" and car ownership isn't a part of it.

That's why this blog isn't going to be just about cycling anymore.

I hope you'll enjoy this new angle, too.


  1. I'm looking forward to reading your posts! It seems to me that the name of your Blog will still be very fitting to your newly, expanded plan. My blog was originally going to combine my love of quilting and biking (pedals being the common theme to both sewing and bicycle machines), but something seems to have gone awry. Have a great Holiday Season and New Year ahead! :)

  2. In retrospect, I'm glad I picked something non-cycling specific, for sure. Pedals for both sewing and cycling-- clever! I'm all for interesting combos: I read a blog called "Knitting Lemonade" which is actually about both knitting and cycling. Happy Holidays and New Year to you, too!

  3. Hi Mandy,
    Blogs can seem to take on a life of their own so you can post whatever you feel that you want to write about.
    The problem with a strict one subject only blog is that it can restrict the number of people that will find it interesting. My own blogs are not cycling only and do cover a broader range of interests.
    Whatever you write about I will still be dropping by and following.

    Have a Happy Christmas and New Year.

  4. It's your blog and you can write about whatever you'd like to.
    In my opinion you are the expert about your life. No need to feel that you don't know enough yet. Just be true and real.

    I went for my drivers test when I was 20 years old and failed (A common thing. Driving is a hard thing to learn.) and have tried a few times since then but mostly again failed and just gave up on that and found other ways of getting around and now, almost twenty five years later the world is catching up to me.
    In a way I'm glad that I don't have the influence in my life that seems to cause anger and annoyance towards others. Instead I'm healthy and open minded.

    I also feel that it's such a great thing that women now have a way to be part of the voices of the cycling world with their perspective. Brava!