Sunday, December 12, 2010

shopping by bicycle

Holt Renfrew

Holt Renfrew never disappoints with complicated and often stunning window displays. This holiday season, winter transportation cycling appears in one of their windows on the Granville side. Chain gaurd! Furry boots! This manequin has done her Christmas shopping by bicycle and so can you.

(Although a slightly more organized load might be prudent...)


  1. What a super window display. Great to see the bike to the forefront....!!

  2. We just watched the first episode of Dr.Who that you lent us (the one with the mannequins) and this picture seriously freaked me out at first!
    Nice display otherwise, looks like all the cycling talk around Vancouver is keeping cycling on everyone's minds. :)

  3. What a creepy coincidence! Christmas itself is also a Dr. Who staple (you'll never look at a Santa Claus mask the same way again!)

    I'm going to keep my eye on those windows post-holidays to see if they feature any more bikes in the future. Let's hope they do!