Saturday, February 12, 2011


Not enough has happened recently for a post on a single topic, so I'll just round up all the miscellaneous items.

~ On the same morning, riding to work, I saw a woman on an aqua blue loop frame wearing a very lovely headscarf and a woman wearing a fabulous black & white patterened skirt and black heels. I was all, "Way to go ladies! We can totally do this." In my head.

~ A good friend texted me to say that when he had ridden to work after moving house to near the Drive area (ending up closer to his work and within easier riding distance), he had seen a bunch of "cycle chic" riders out and about. Score!

~ They were doing construction and had a parked a van on the Hornby bike lane two days in row. (Which is, um, a fail from one perspective, but I certainly hope they were doing something *useful*, even if I don't know what it was.) So I had to take to the car lane. Discovery? Cars go stop-go-stop so much that I kept up with traffic and didn't hold up a single vehicle. In fact, the car in front of me was holding me up.

~ It was raining last night when I was about to head home from work, so I detoured to Trees Organic Coffee (highly recommended) on Granville for some live music. By the time I left about 40 minutes later, the rain had stopped. Rain strategy #2: flexibility.

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