Sunday, April 3, 2011

not just a passing phase

Now that I've been riding for 2 years and am quite confident that it's not just a passing phase...

...I've made an investment.

A leather saddle by Brooks, model B72.

When it rains, I cover it in this nice shower cap purchased for less than $5 at the drugstore.

I bought it at the Denman Bike Shop, whose staff/owners were friendly, helpful and informative. They reviewed my bike and installed it right then and there with no delay. The thing I love about their shop is that form and functionality are considered equally important. In much of the bike world, form is secondary, but here they seem to be big believers that you can have your cake it eat it too-- or have bicycles, parts and accessories that you love to look at and know that they're still doing their job.

The breaking-in period for the saddle is going fine so far. The first few rides were a tad less comfortable than usual, but I started to notice improvement quite quickly and it's only getting better. Looking forward to many, many more.


  1. Once broken in you will find this so comfortable....I have a 'Brooks Team Professional'on my touring bike and would say it is the most comfortable saddle I've ever used...Enjoy.


  2. Ah, the Brooks saddle! Next thing you know, you'll be desiring a Carradice bag or somesuch to go with it!

    I agree with Trevor, once the saddle is broken in, it's awesome. Getting the appropriate saddle is also key, and a B72 definitely works for a bike like that. (By the way, beautiful bike. What kind is it?)

    And I also use a shower cap as a seat cover! It's inexpensive and does the job. I did get an official Brooks cover once, but I lost it. And I heard they don't work that well anyway.

  3. Thanks for the reiteration that the leather saddle will feel great once broken in. It's reassuring -- especially when it's feeling "not quite there yet" -- to hear it from others who've gone through the process!

    The bike is a Globe (i.e. Specialized) Daily 3.