Monday, April 11, 2011

a "spring" ride

On Saturday, Melanie and I took our bicycles for a spring ride.

Slow versus Go

I'd had a metal shard removed from my rear brake by the bike shop that morning, so was eager to get out for a ride, as I'd been using my other bike for most of the week until I could get to the shop.

Monochrome Panda

Her bike is turquoise with a red seat and mine is red, so with much chromatic intention (read: none) we valiantly had an outdoor lunch on these appropriately-hued chairs. It was still a bit chilly, so our "picnic" was fairly short. Good thing we could continue to enjoy each others' company outdoors in another simple manner that kept us at a better temperature for this early spring day: riding.

Red & Turquoise

There were many sights to be seen, including this weird but wonderful overgrown shed with... um, wooden banister-things nailed to the side of it? Sure.

Odd & Overgrown

Regretably, the sun didn't make an appearance, but it didn't dampen our enjoyment of the ride any less. (Not figuratively OR literally.)


It was still pretty fun anway.


  1. That's a cool mural on your opening shot! This spring is far too cold - brrr!

  2. This post made me smile! It was a wonderful afternoon, and I can't believe how much terrain we covered! (Not to mention my first venture into downtown) :)
    I love the colours in that first shot... our bikes look beautiful in front of that mural. And that last shot is totally my new fb profile pic. :)

  3. Cute! These pictures are great.

  4. Beautiful mural you have there!