Tuesday, April 26, 2011

on two feet

One of my favourite things to do on a gently rainy day is to go for a walk.

Puddle Picture

Crossing Blades

Empty Benches by the Lagoon

Sparkly Pink Leaves

Unfurling Ferns

The pace is always unashamedly slow, meandering in gumboots and raincoat. The smells of nature rise above the usual perfume of the city. I smell soaked cedar, soggy soil, and greenery disturbed by water.

Even at my slowest on a bicycle, I wouldn't get quite this much detail. I lean in with my camera, examining the individual droplets coating every leaf, petal, and stalk.

At the edge of Stanley Park, garden pathways invite, but there are still pockets of wild. Ferns unfurl in dark corners that rarely see sunlight. Moss creeps out across any available surface, glowing the bright green of new spring.

Love the rain. After all, if this wasn't city, it would be rainforest.


  1. Great photo's! I agree, there are times when walking IS the best! Is that snow in the first photo??

  2. Thanks PaddyAnne! No snow, just water completely covering some white-speckled pavement. (I was standing in a puddle).

  3. Wow, thats cool! I wouldn't have thought it was water - very nifty!