Thursday, June 3, 2010

bike to work & to the garden centre week

This was Bike to Work Week in Vancouver.

Monday to Wednesday, it rained. It drizzled, poured, and spat in typical Vancouver style. It did so always in the morning, when I was making that crucial decision whether or not to ride to work, so 2 out of 3 nice afternoons did nothing to alleviate the problem.

Today ... not so. Ta da! Dry enough. Just in time, too, for the nearest Thursday bike-to-work-week commuter station to be the "cycle in style" one, where they said they encouraged suits and heels. I was late leaving work so rolled up almost at 6:30, when they would supposedly be closing. Regretably, I didn't see any suits or heels other than me, but I did see a beautiful dutch bike from Rain City Bikes. (Didn't manage to identify its owner, though.) Chatted with a nice gentleman who's helping organize Velopalooza starting tomorrow and complimented me on how my helmet coordinated with my outfit. (It's purple ... which matches everything in my wardrobe. Not kidding.) I also got some info about local cycling resources and was given a free banana, perfectly ripe. Free perfectly ripe bananas ... now that's fantastic!

Voila, my cycling "shoes":

I rode up Granville (closed to traffic right now so a cycling paradise!), navigated a traffic jam, and then tried out a bit more of the bike land on Burrard (which still intimidates me). Destination was the garden centre to pick up some herbs. Thank goodness for bike baskets to carry them home in, no? I think, however, that I'm going to put a larger basket on the back because I seem to be turning into a cycling trucker. I'm both the "be prepared" type and hate lugging junk on the bus, so extra space won't go to waste. Maybe a rack on the front, too, and probably a kickstand. Practicality rules!

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