Wednesday, June 9, 2010

just bikes: danzante

There’s a stunning bicycle locked up regularly in a place I often pass by. It says “Danzante”. Possibly Italian, guessing from the number of Italian links that pop up when I search Google. Little bicycle-related, unfortunately; just wines and travel reviews.

The chain guard is artistically decorated (though whether that’s customization or stock, I can’t tell), the brake levers are the straight, non-formed kind (is there a technical name for them?), and the gear system is unusual (can be sort of seen in the second shot).

danzante (right side)

It’s not cables but a thin metal shaft that runs along the bottom tube. What does it do…turn? I’m not very up on my bicycle mechanics yet, let alone exotic (and stylish) tech.

danzante (left side)

What a beauty! I love that style of rack, matched to the bike as if (because) they were made for each other.

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