Saturday, June 5, 2010

un peu d'air sur terre

Here are some ads featuring stylish/non-sporty bicycles that I've clipped from magazines recently. What's being advertised here is irrelevant to me: I just love to see bikes featured this way.

un peu d'air sur terre

It's entirely appropriate that there's a bicycle in this ad because wearing Hue's colourful tights and leggings means you want to show them off and wear them with skirts, dresses, or shorts, which are extra-easy for bike riding (i.e. no pant-cuffing required). Rationally I know this is true, but being a "jeans on the weekend and my only skirts are pencil skirts" kind of girl I'm still struggling to embrace a wider range of fashion possibilities. I'm inspired by both all the "cycle chic" blogs around the web and by certain people I know in real-life; this blog is part of this journey.

Looks all pretty, but a chain guard would be a nice addition considering those pristine white, wide-legged trousers.

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