Sunday, June 6, 2010

pannekoek & photo experiments

This morning I met up with my friends Melanie and Jeffrey for breakfast at the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Cambie. The tasty pannekoek fueled us for a stop at the old bicycle swamp meet (of which I'll post some photos tomorrow) and a bike ride together through the quiet, tree-lined streets of the neighbourhoods nearby.

We were unaninimous: riding with friends on a spring weekend is like being a kid again.

Melanie, looking chic as always:

Jeffrey, being a ham as usual:

Me, hiding behind my favourite new sunglasses:

Jeffrey's bike has this awesome "license" plate which he's had since he was a kid. I vaguely recall having one of these myself (I rode a red and white Strawberry Shortcake bike with a banana seat, back then) so I think they were popular-ish in the 80s. I wonder if you could find them anywhere now?

They graciously accommodated my request to be subjects of my experimenting with cycle photography.

Thanks guys!

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