Monday, September 27, 2010

2010 norco city glide 3 ST

Yesterday I test rode a 2010 Norco City Glide 3 ST at the Bike Doctor on Broadway.

Colour = Like. Deep turquoise. (Deeper in person than appears -- at least to me -- in the photo.) Passes the "not a stereotypically girly colour" and "doesn't make me want to puke" tests.

3-speed = Just not enough. I was really struggling to get up the hill, feeling in 1st gear like I was stuck in 3rd gear on my current bike. (That's 3rd gear on rear, middle gear on front; I ride my 21-speed as if it were a 6-speed and that's entirely sufficient for my needs.)

Internal Hub = Like the aesthetic, can deal with the weight, but I heard it. The guy at the shop took it for a spin when I returned and said that he didn't think there was anything wrong with it. I've always ridden bikes with derailleurs, but I'm used to silence while pedaling and the whirring sound only when coasting. This one whirred even when pedaling. Is that normal?

Posture = Seriously upright! The handlebars felt so close to me. It might take a bit of getting used to, but I think I would like it.

The frame has interesting angles and tube shapes that almost make up for the fact that it's still roughly welded aluminum. I love the shape of the stem (like a long, elegant neck) and the fact that the seat post is so plain. Overall, the City Glide bikes have a fairly "clean" aesthetic that appeals to me, including logos and other branding.

Unfortunately, the 8-speed version, as I've probably whined about before, comes only in mint green (2010) or bright blue (2011), which are both deal breakers. The only place I've heard of so far that paints bikes is Toxik Design Lab in Burnaby, and from the website the rates START at $250 (plus tax) to paint a diamond frame and fork in a single colour. Yowza! It just feels like such a shame to buy a brand new bike and then pay somebody to completely strip it and start from scratch.

What can I do but send feedback to the manufacturers and hope I'm not the only one (black\burgundy\dark grey\dark blue\dark purple, pretty please?) and keep looking and hoping that some day, some where, some North American bicycle manufacturer will get a clue and start painting step-throughs for grownups.

Because seriously? Want. In an 8-speed step-through. Diamond frames have all the fun.

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  1. Gosh its a shame this bike didn't work out for you! Its definately a nice bike to look at AND as you mention, is not painted in a yucky "girlie" colour. Good Luck on your search, looking forward to hearing how your hunt goes!