Thursday, September 30, 2010

granville after dark

Thursday night. We wandered up Granville St. from Waterfront Station to the Vogue theatre for the Pecha Kucha, me pushing my bicycle beside me.

Every. Bicycle. Rack. Is. Taken.

There are bikes locked to benches, sign posts, and spindly trees. There are ratty old mountain bikes; there are fixies; they are vintage; they are shiny; there are beach cruisers; they have banana seats.

By the time we exited at 9:45, the street was aglow with neon and wheels.

I wanted to stake out a spot, set my camera to the highest ISO it can suffer, and capture a blur of revelry, of shadows, of party goers on bicycles, enjoying the perfectly crisp, clear, dry, still-warm-enough-for-only-a-light-jacket night of early fall.

Can you imagine what Friday night is like?

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