Sunday, September 12, 2010

cooling down

I haven't felt much like writing in the past few weeks. As summer winds down, the air starts to cool, and the grey skies come, my heavy camera stays at home and my daydreams of quiet rides in sundresses and sunglasses to picnics on the beach start to fade. I've been taking a break from analysis, idealism, and observation to simply do just what this blog is all about in the first place.


Every day, to work and play.

Soon, the wistfulness will drift away and I'll feel a renewed vigor for the autumn season. The seawall will once again become an enjoyable route (I avoid it in the summertime due to the crowds). I do, do love fall/winter laying: scarves to fly behind me in the breeze, wool coats to keep warm and cool and dry, knitted handwarmers to keep out the damp coastal air. And boots! Boots with thick socks and colourful tights, avoiding the need to wrap a flapping pant leg.

The camera will come out again, ready to capture the season and how people change with it, how they ride their bicycles in it.

Until then, I may have some archive photos to post. Or I may not. Autumn, here I come.

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