Saturday, March 5, 2011

a bicycle built a long time ago for two

My friend Jen recently spotted this old tandem bicycle outside an apartment building in the West End. She snapped a pic and sent it along to me.

I've seen vintage/old bikes and tandem bikes but never the two in one! I wonder what it would be like to ride? (Once, um, the chain is returned to its rightful position.)

Certainly adds some flair to the neighbourhood. That is one loooooooooong chaingaurd!


  1. There's an old couple who I have often seen around town who ride a bike very similar to this...I will try and get a picture next time I see them about on their trusty machine...!


  2. Those handlebars are wicked! The owner of this bike does seem to have good common sense though, as evidenced by the nice coffee-cup holders. It would be nice to see this bike painted up and looking grand!

  3. Hmm, now you've both got me wondering what kind of people ride this bike! Old or young? Like to carry drinks with them, like neutral colours? I wonder if one is much taller than the other? (Considering the handlebar height difference...)