Monday, March 21, 2011

a new friend

I've made no secret of it that I've been searching for a new bike for over a year, in particular a step-through. Nothing seemed to quite fit the requirements.

Until now.

After having owned her for 3 rainy weeks that felt like an eternity of moist, oppressive grey, this past weekend finally offered enough of a reprieve for some serious bonding. (--and on Sunday, some serious sunshine.)

She's a Globe Daily 3 and her name is Greta.


  1. Nice Bike! Are you following P.E.D.A.L Across the Americas at all?

  2. I hadn't heard of it before, actually, so popped over to their blog now to take a look and it seems really interesting. Thanks for the compliment and the tip!

  3. Such a nice bike! Good for you for taking the time to look around and get something that you have really fallen in love with! And, red bikes are the BEST!

  4. Great looking bike...glad that you have managed to get some bonding time in...Enjoy!


  5. You're welcome! Coffee next time you're in town?