Thursday, March 10, 2011

i can't live without holt renfrew's windows

Holt Renfrew wowed us with a bicycle in their holiday window display in December. Now they've gone and topped their own work with this fantastic "I can't live without..." series featuring not one but five colourful, practical beauties.

It's also notable that umbrellas and storm clouds feature positively alongside flowers and fashion. Yes, those all go together: we won't have the flowers without the rain, so we might as well embrace how many pretty colours umbrellas can come in.

The multi-window display features a variety of quotes from recognizable people, Holt Renfrew employees, and designers about the things they supposedly can't live without, paired with quirky object collections visualizing these "needs".

Many are fashion-centric, but others are cute.

Some are lovely.

Some make you smile. Doesn't that lemon pyramid look just about ready to come toppling down?

And some...

...some you just totally understand.


  1. That really is a great window display...very imaginative...very clever...I love it.
    Thanks for posting this.


  2. Whenever I see bikes in displays, and they've been painted, etc., it makes me super, super curious wondering what the bike was like "before"! :)