Thursday, July 22, 2010

celebration of bike

Last night was the first of four fireworks shows for the Celebration of Light. My friends and I snagged a picnic spot near Sunset Beach behind the Aquatic Centre, looking over the seawall, the beach, English Bay, and Kitsilano on the far side. Naturally, this kind of view led to much people-watching (cute shoes, cute dogs, and not-so-cute behavior were all up for discussion) especially of the well-used bike path several feet in front of us.

To pass the time while the light dimmed, I pointed my camera towards this rolling show and practiced snapping pics of the passing riders.

Some were alone:

Some were with friends.

Sometimes I was too late.

Eventually it got dark. The bay filled with boats, the beaches with people, and moving objects became nothing more than a blur on my lens.

Finally, the sky exploded!

What happened after that was awesome, too. But I'll leave that for tomorrow.

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