Wednesday, July 28, 2010

seawall: alternative transportation

This blog is called "On Few Wheels", after all... so no need to limit myself just to bicycles, right? Must avoid bicycle-elitism. If you're getting yourself from A to B on your own power (and hopefully still enjoying what happens between A and B), utilizing the efficiency of task-appropriate-sized wheels to speed up the process, then that's ace.

I'm not sure rollerblades count as 'few' wheels (8!), but if you add up their mass, the total is significantly less than that of even scooter or motorcycle wheels. So I'm saying it counts.

Bushy / tie-dyed / cut-offs. Crazy! (From the I-think-I-would-go-bonkers-if-everybody-looked-the-same department. I love my neighbourhood (the West End) for being a really accepting, "anything goes" kind of place.)

Sometimes you have to lean into it.

Yes, he's on a bike, but that's somewhat alternative for the police, a typically car-centric (or originally horse-centric?) group.

The gang's all here.
Photography, hockey, and an extra from a science fiction action movie.

Sometimes you just have to go back to your roots ... and walk.

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