Tuesday, July 6, 2010

skirt firsts and a bridge to somewhere

I've never been a skirty person. My favourite style is a pencil skirt, which would be a challenge even if my bicycle was step-through.

Still, I do have a few dresses, and -- emboldened by the fearless lady cycle bloggers of the internet kingdom and my always-stylish, much-skirted friend Melanie -- tried one out today. Oh, the breeze! The first few blocks contained much self-concious skirt-patting-down, but by the time I'd made it to the office, I was starting to care less.

On the way home, I took a long route through Stanley Park to "clock more time" in this new sartorial mode.

look up

"Look up," she said, "It's the sun! I'd forgotten that it exists."

These tights make me feel like doing the can-can. Thank goodness for the civilizing power of cardigans.

sleeping bicycle

Self-portraits have a learning curve. They make it look so easy! While I fiddled with my camera propped up on a bench, my faithful steed took a nap on the path. Poor thing looks awful like that. What's that you say? Where is that kickstand I was talking about getting a few weeks ago?

bridge to somewhere

This is one of my favourite bridges. It's wide and old and oddly empty, as if there ought to be a procession of ladies in bustles and parasols strolling arm in arm across it. Perhaps there are other routes now, more direct and with a water view. Me, I prefer this one: after all, it's not the destination that counts, but the way you take to get there.

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  1. Skirts are the best on bikes! They don't get all bunched up and tucked in unmentionable places, they are nice and cool, and they look super cute!
    I also love the tights!!