Saturday, July 17, 2010

gelato and summer dresses

I've been quiet for the past week. It's not that I haven't been riding (every day, to work and play!) but that I haven't been taking any photos worth posting or thinking any thoughts more cohesive than: "Sun! Sandals! Bicycle! Novel! Warm!" Ah, July: one of the 2 months that makes November to April worth suffering through.

false creek

A day like today is summer at its purest, so Melanie and I broke out the summer dresses, the bicycles, and headed out for a ride. The Trout Lake Farmer's Market was over by the time we reached that side of the city, but we did stop at La Casa Gelato (200+ flavours!). She had Cabernet Sauvignon-flavour (!) and I had Gingerbread. My love of gingerbread is serious; in my opinion it's one of the best parts of the Christmas season. (I know it's July... so what? It's gingerbread-flavoured gelato.)

They have a wonderful little patio area across the street that has stone benches, lights and garlands strung overhead, and loads of flowers.

From there we took the Adanac route on to Science World...

...where you can see the brilliantly striped Cirque du Soleil tents going up.

Such a blue and yellow tent would look wonderful in my backyard, no? (Which backyard? The one that exists in my imagination.) Kooza opens July 22 and I think a viewing is definitely in order.

Doesn't it look similar to the line of the mountains in the distance?

From there we kept our eyes out for a suitably industrial-looking wall to serve as a backdrop for some photo experiments.

The conclusion, after all this, is that walking wouldn't have allowed us to cover so much ground in such a short time, and driving or taking the bus wouldn't have allowed us to be outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and the calm, lovely residential sidestreets and parks. So on a day like this, bicycling is really the only way to go.

Here's to many more!

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