Friday, July 9, 2010

strawberry shortcake

My call has been answered!

Two new old photos of me and my strawberry shortcake bicycle arrived unannounced today, courtesy of my Mom. Mom, you are awesome!

strawberry shortcake

These really show off the bike well. (Or as well as possible considering they are photos of photos, taken with a digital camera because I don't have a scanner and taken hastily under non-optimal lighting.) Love the little detailing on the chaingaurd, the training wheels, and the gumboots.

strawberry shortcake

Here I am older but on the same bike. I look so tall! That one period of growth could likely have been my only brush with anything resembling lanky.

There's something wonderful about remembering carefree summer days of childhood. I may have more cares these days, but one thing hasn't changed: I do have a bicycle.

(Although nowhere near as cute a bicycle as this.)


  1. Hi,
    I'm frantically looking for a strawberry shortcake bicycle with training wheels for my 3yr old girl. Where did you get this bicycle? It's gorgeous! Please reply..appreciate your help!


  2. I wish I knew! But unfortunately I was too young to know. It was purchased sometime in the early 80s, so chances are even the same manufacturer wouldn't necessarily make similar ones any more. If modern bikes don't fit the bill, garage sales might be a better source-- you'd think that old kid's bikes would be cluttering up basements everywhere as their previous riders outgrew them.