Saturday, July 3, 2010

kids bikes are awesome

Mystery of the day: why are kids' bikes SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than adults' bikes?

In a post a few weeks ago I mentioned the banana-seated Strawberry Shortcake bike that I had as a kid. I thought all the photos were at my parents' place but had forgotten that I did have one:

That's me in the back right (funny face!), my sister Shelley in the middle, and a friend named Amanda on the left.

Really ... just look at them! Way-high handlebars, coaster brakes, chain guards, step through (does that look almost like mixte frames on the 2 outside ones?), fenders, kickstands, cream tires, and a cool style uncluttered by a tangle of cables and levers. Granted, as an adult I'd like at least a few gears (we lived in a flat suburban neighbourhood back then) but otherwise these are rockin'. And we're wearing cute outfits, including dresses and sandals.

Next time I visit my family, I'm going to see if I can dig up some more.

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