Thursday, July 1, 2010

malahat revue

Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canadians! In honour of our country's birthday, this post will definitely stay close to home.

Local Vancouver/Victoria musicians Jeremy Fisher, Said the Whale, Hannah Georgas and Aidan Knight will begin touring BC by bicycle, starting on July 8th on Saltspring Island. They call their collective "The Malahat Revue" and will be playing concerts as they go.

Here's their trailer. It doesn't tell us much useful information but does make me wish that it was me riding along that lovely road.

If the name of this enterprise sounds familiar to you, you might recall the Malahat Review, a long-running Canadian literary journal based at UVic in Victoria. The Malahat is an area north of Victoria, elevated, hence the common usage "driving over the Malahat". It's a First Nations name. I could just say it over and over again. Malahat-malahat-malahat. Malahat.

Sidenote: Through researching this I discovered the blog Vancouver Is Awesome. Which is, um ... awesome.

Oh, and I love-love-love that "Camilo" song by Said the Whale. Love.

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