Saturday, July 17, 2010

two very different wheels

I have a vice.

It's related to my love of bicycles.

It still has two wheels...

...but it also has a motor.

There, I said it. I love motorcycles. Don't have my own license to ride them, but I've been a regular passenger since I was 10-ish and completely adore this method of travel. Road trips in a car = meh. Road trips on a motorcycle = absolutely marvelous. Every winding mountain road is an adventure in physics and balance and power and speed and grace.

Once a year for the past few years I've been given an opportunity to take a multi-day trip. This year it was last weekend, it was 3 days, and it involved a clockwise loop around south-western BC.

I call it a vice because I'm well aware that it's consuming gas and producing carbon for pleasurable, not practical, reasons. So are all those plane flights to Vegas and Peurto Vallarta and cruises in the Caribbean that other people take. The way I see it, I've bicycled and walked and transited and re-used and recycled all year long, and this two-wheeled rocket ride is my reward.

Besides, we did see some interesting non-motorized wheels on the trip, too.

Now this is what I'd call a lowrider. I wonder if he or she worries about bottoming out when going over speed bumps?

E.T. ... ride home?

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