Saturday, July 24, 2010

seawall: guys on bikes

From road bikes to mountain bikes to hybrids to cruisers, there's a bike that's right for every guy. I love seeing such a variety of ages and styles and when I stop clicking maniacally and start to go through my photos, it's a chance to slow down and remember: "Oh, yeah! All kinds of people look awesome on bicycles when they become an extension of who we are and how we live."

Cool hat cruiser. Does it look to you like he's whistling?

Storage galore.

Big wheels, white hat.

Minimal gear but still drinking 8 glasses a day.

Who says you can't wear flip-flops on a road bike?

Relaxin' and rollin'.

Anti-gravity hair!

Laid back and hanging out. Gotta love a guy that can rock pink wheels.

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