Sunday, July 25, 2010

mighty bike list

Inspired by the combination of Mighty Girl's Mighty Life List and Let's Go Ride a Bike's Summer Games, I've decided to start a Mighty Bike List (you like that? so original) of bike-related things I want to do.

In no particular order:
1. Take my bike on the skytrain.
2. Take my bike on a bus (on one of those racks on the front).
3. Go on a group ride.
4. Be part of a Critical Mass*.
5. Wear a fancy party dress and ride to dinner at a nice restaurant.
6. Ride to the beach, complete with towel, umbrella, and a cooler/basket full of munchies.
7. Ride to a picnic in a rural-ish area.
8. Take a repair class.
9. Ride over the Lion's Gate Bridge.
10. Put a kickstand on my bike.
11. Ride a folding bike. **
12. Ride an old-school, steel, high-quality loop-frame bike. **
13. Ride a fixie. **
14. Watch a bike polo game.
15. Double somebody on a bike I'm riding.
16. Be doubled on somebody else's bike.
17. Visit another city and rent a bike there.
18. Try out a bike share system like in Montreal or Paris.
19. Ride all the bike routes in Vancouver.
20. Go on a tweed ride.
21. Ride with my family.


* Jury's still out on whether I agree with how Critical Mass happens. The idea of not stopping for red lights, thereby disrupting the regular flow of traffic beyond simply going slower than cars, rubs me wrong. On the other hand, I can also see some benefits they describe, such as keeping the group together. That said, I don't believe in my full right to critique/analyze anything without experiencing it, so consider my participation as research.

** I really ought to combine these into "Ride as many different kinds of bikes as possible", but that wouldn't be as easy to cross off the list. Because who doesn't love crossing things off lists?

I've posted this on a perma-style "page" (as opposed to a post) and add things/cross them off there as I go. Hopefully I'll remember to take photos and post about them.

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